Et portrætteret værk

A portrait work

Artist ideas

As an artist, I - Caroline Pontoppidan Vest - let expression live through brushstrokes & oil-based pigments.

If you therefore want a portrayed work or a unique gift for a loved one, Pontoppidan Art creates the possibility together with you.

Technique: my paintings are all based on high quality oil pigments on linen canvas.

A very special gift idea

In the following sections, a selection of previously portrayed works is presented, which i.a. gives an insight into my painting style in relation to photography.
At the bottom of the page you will find practical information if you are interested.

The perfect 50th birthday gift for the man who has everything

... What do you give your father, husband, brother, friend or lover who really deserves a unique gift?

A portrait of a very special personality.

On the occasion of a very special 50th birthday, the work of Muhammad Ali was created, back in August 2019.

The work Muhammad Ali here is an original portrait, but can also be purchased as a poster - see more under the menu item collections.

The top left image is the work, while the bottom left image is the photograph.

A Danish cultural treasure

...What is done with memories & honour, likes to be expressed through art.

The original portrayed work by Kim Larsen was created as a gift for two wonderful parents-in-law.

At the bottom left is the photograph from which the final work at the bottom right was painted.

The gift approx. 80% of all men will love

... Football fan?

So look here:

The original portrait of Sir Alex Ferguson is a work of art painted for the perfect lover who therefore deserved this gift.

The work is painted based on the photograph seen below on the left.

A tribute to the work on the wall

... Look up to someone who is worth it and let yourself be inspired.

The work Florence was a commission and a birthday gift, to be expressed in a very special room.

Practical information if interested

If you are interested in my ongoing processes & works, I regularly write blog posts with the works I sell. On the front page you will also find links for direct ordering of artwork. Please describe here:
An image of the subject/person on which the work is centered
Whether this is an oil painting or a pencil drawing
Time horizon: when do you want the work delivered?
Canvas size/paper size

    When ordering, a deposit of 30% of the agreed price is paid.

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