Inspirationstur til Norditalien

Inspiration trip to Northern Italy

Summer, art & colors in Venice

In the past week, Pontoppidan Art has been on an inspiration trip to Northern Italy, & especially to the Venetian islands. In the past, it has been shown that there is both beautiful culture and handicrafts to be found on the islands. This still applies today - to the delight of locals, art lovers and tourists alike.

It's just a matter of being present, to observe, sense and feel the unique - yet contemporary classical - & inspiring atmosphere of the city of Venice, in northern Italy.

If you mix a bit of history with interpretation, it is worth pointing out that the city of Venice, which has been inhabited by skilled traders since the 5th century, today in particular also abounds with sincerely dedicated artisans, who sit (hidden) in small quarters where many either paint , binding notebooks, imparting insight or blowing glass.

The picture below was taken on the authentic island of Torcello, where you can find peace, idyll & nature . In these times, art can very well be interpreted as maintaining idyll & tranquility in interaction with stability & security.

Although the city of Venice, culturally speaking, is said to have been founded by the people's fear after the dissolution of the Roman Empire, Venice today represents, to a large extent, both nature, art and colour.
On the central island of Venice, inspiration can be found in both architecture & buildings, as well as in the local art dealers.

The inspiration from Venice initiated creation here at Pontoppidan Art, which you will gain much more insight into in the following weeks.

Feel free to share comments & any queries here on the blog.

We wish you a really wonderful summer.

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